Base of 850sqft layout

Minimalist, Japanese-style wooden finishes are accented throughout, Keeping true to MUJI’s simple-meets-practical philosophy. Being minimalistic and sleek looking, track lights are a great way to light up the activity areas.

A Muji home will be one that always have places to sit and relax. By purposefully organizing the living space, any home can still feel brighter and spacious within any given space.

A Muji-filled home is one that is soothing and calming for everyday living. Having a home well designed that complements the Muji lifestyle is the first step to achieving it.

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It's really important that you measure your space before placing any orders, we're here to help you! 


Planning Support

We provide planning services for Kitchen, doors, wardrobes and storage solutions. Based on your favourite styles, colours and living space details, our planning specialists will take care of the planning for you.

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