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World-class expertise, national leading production capacity, state-of-the-art facility combined with constant pursuit of innovation, our flooring presents the world with ultimate elegance in every aspect.

As a member of the Samling Group, we share a rich and sustainable 4,000,000-hectare timber resource with our headquarter. As a mature manufacturer of wood flooring for more than 17 years, we possess a strong and integrated group structure of over 1800 employees, and a steadily increasing combined production capacity of more than 27 million square meters every year.

Our multiple manufacturing bases and professional development techniques enable us to meet international requirements in both quality as well as quantity. Long-term cooperation with flooring giants around the world, exceeding 1500 franchised distributors in China, and housing projects home and abroad are the best proofs of our strength in this industry.

With a firm belief in protecting our earth and reducing environmental pressures, we have always been working on protecting the environment for the generations to come.

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