About us

Aideas Home falls under the parent company of Aino Furnishing which is a home furnishing specialist based in Malaysia. Aino Furnishing is specialized in kitchen and wardrobe systems, and has since established itself in residential and commercial property development projects. These projects involve design, supply and installation of kitchen, wardrobe, and vanity systems, interior fit-out and timber flooring.

At Aideas Home, we focus more on one stop solution for customers through different e-commerce platforms. Aideas Home does not only sell furniture per se but it sells what these items brings to end user; satisfaction. Besides this, we hope to give inspiration for Home Furnishing as well.

Why choose us?

At Aideas Home we thrive to give you the best products we have. Everything you see in our store are actually handcrafted and selected by our best production team. Our production and sourcing team are always searching the market for unique and upcoming trends to release at Aideas Home.

Currently, we’ve been focusing on cutting boards, serving boards, and mineral oil for product care. Soon, we will be releasing more items like furniture, small home items, and kitchen utensils.


Aideas Team

Meet The Team

A perfect blend of creativity, craziness and hustlers. The best people formulate the best team! A team of passionate youngster, having a dream to change the world together!

We don’t just work hard together but we play hard as well. You got to be a team player and driven!
Alone you go fast, together we go far.

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